Sunday, March 8, 2009

just wiiing along...

so we got a wii...with the sports package and wii can play doubles tennis with the wii sports's pretty can either play against the wii (which we have named wiizy) or against each other...right now i'm getting my ass kicked but i'm getting better...the wii fit part is pretty cool stand on a pad and tell wiizy how tall and old you are...then she weighs you and tells you that you are fat...then you can do yoga or strength training or aerobics...they also have 'games' to help with your is where you stand in a soccer goal while kids kick soccer balls at you and you have to lean left or right to head the ball...but intertwined
with the balls are shoes that you have to dodge...why kids gotta throw shoes at a fat chick???

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Jen said...

Talk about your run-on sentence!