Tuesday, June 9, 2009

just a conversation...

an actual im conversation with my wife this morning at work...word for word...

Jessica says:

so how much money do you think all of our stuff is worth? sell it and take off with the babies whaddya think?
Amy says:
i don't think it's worth enough to pay everybody off and get very far... unless you turn to prostitution
Jessica says:
well that won't get us ANY money
Amy says:
might get us some hot dogs though
Jessica says:
and who said anything about paying everybody off?
Amy says:
if i've learned anything, it is that no matter how far you think you've run, they always catch up...
Jessica says:
i meant take off and not look back find some woods and build us a cabin
Amy says:
i have to poop


Ames said...

i suppose i'll have to be more careful what i im you in the future... although i did have to poop

Jen said...

Is this what happens when you're married? One person is talking about life changing events and the other has to take a crap ... Great ... No one could have taken the time to tell me this a month ago?

big Rhonda said...

yup...that's pretty much it...

Ms. Thomas said...

We told you, but you were so in love with getting married, you couldn't hear it. It ends up being funny instead of gross, I promise.