Monday, September 17, 2012

just changes...

you know that spot
on your dresser
or nightstand
or bathroom sink
where you empty the contents of your pockets every day???
everybody has one...
some are the same spot every day,
some are through the entire house...
i can usually follow a trail of
heather's things through the house
to find her at the end of the day...
i usually make a few bucks along the way...
she leaves money
i find money
finder's keepers i say...
just last year,
on a monday morning
my spot would have had
miller lite bottlecaps
cigarette butts...
and the usual monday morning conversations would have been
"how was your weekend???"
"oh my god,
i got so hammered saturday night!!!"
but today,

my spot had:
my blue pen (always)
chapstick (always)
hair tie (always)
change (sometimes)
the wrapper from gerber blueberry puffs (never)
string that was used to tie jelly worms to sticks for a 6 year old's fishing themed birthday party (never)
and my monday morning conversations sounded more like this
"went to B's first fall t-ball game saturday and he hit a home run!!!"
"saw coleson jay saturday night...  of course i have a picture!!!"
"went to B's 6th birthday party sunday at the park...  it was fishing themed and it was awesome!!!  all the kids had a blast fishing in the lake!!!"
"the twins are walking!!!  took them a while to warm up to me, but by the time we all left, they were smiling and laughing with me..."
what a difference a year makes...
and you won't hear me complaining one bit...

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Megan said...

Ha Ha! I had a similar moment a couple of weeks ago. After attending a late night kid's consignment preview sale I woke up the next morning, noticed the stamp on my hand and thought, "A few years ago, this would have been indicative of a night out at a bar, not of one buying toddler clothes and baby gear." My, how times change.