Friday, July 27, 2012

just a house...

i believe that every house has a soul
a purpose
it needs love
and care
and attention
just the way we do
this past weekend
my house got just what it's soul needed
sisters were in town
two sisters
three kids
this house hasn't experienced this since
danny and emily helped mom plant flowers in the rock garden
robert was heard numerous times saying "throw me again" to anyone that would listen
nicole was perfecting her "i'm a pre-teen and you're an idiot" look on dad
not ten minutes after they walked in the door
were heard
in that order from hk's bathroom
just a mirror
we've got more
and so it began

it's not easy being so cute...

one of sister's favs...  so much going on in one little pic...

future heartbreaker...

chalk outlines...
more people came out on saturday
i was called a
poo poo head
a doody poo poo head

another kid
another dog
more chaos
more broken things
more love
more food for the soul of this house
and me...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that there were kids and chaos at the house once again. It's what helps to make a family and a home..... because in the middle of all the chaos is love. :-)