Saturday, August 11, 2012

just saturday...

tried all morning to pull pull up this telespar
there was a trellis attached
got that out no problem
but this telespar
is apparently attached to a 500 pound
slab of concrete
in china
i tired
gramps tried
brady tried
it would move just enough to make you think
you were making progress
but could never get it
so now we have tiki torch holders
to help light the way...

flipped over this rock
wasp nest
wasps everywhere
i screamed like a big fat black lady
ran to the garage
found my new best friend
gave the wasps a little shower
and decided to go work someplace else
just for a bit
when i came back about
an hour later
one wasp came up to me
and in his little waspy voice said
"hello...  my name is inigo montoya...  you killed my father...  prepare to die..."
so i turned my attention to

mom's birdbath
obviously it had seen better days
time to put the old girl down
just about fell apart in my hands

in between all of these
there was
pulling up landscaping timbers
pulling up rebar
pulling up bricks
pulling up weeds
pulling up my pants
cutting the grass

been busy today
and now
now i relax
the best way i know how
the american way

black lab by my side
hand down my pants
cold pbr


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